POSTED BY tghouri | Apr, 15, 2019 |

Exciting times await for us as today we announce we are merging both and in to one brand “AirAndWaterChoices SLU”.   Over the last 6 months we have seen a shift towards Air Conditioning technology, in particular heat pumps used in Air Conditioning, being also used in other solutions, such as domestic water heaters.   Some manufacturers are even developing solutions that merge both in to one outdoor unit. Hitachi for example, are soon to announce one unit that will serve 3 air conditioning units and a hot water tank.  A perfect energy efficient package for an apartment as the hot water would be heated almost free by taking heat from the air!   As these two technologies merge it makes sense for us to bring the two brands under one umbrella.  We have already changed to a Limited Company here in Spain and over the next few weeks you will see our new website, but you will still recognise it as we are maintaining the same look and feel you all know and love.  Watch this space!