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Energy efficient, quiet smart inverters that deliver cool and warm air from wall units or ducts. 

If you have old AC our new inverters could reduce your AC energy bill by around 35%-40%.

Split Systems

We supply all major brands with a minimum energy rating of A+ but with all budgets in mind.  Split systems consist of one outdoor compressor and one indoor unit on the wall.  These are ideal for heating/cooling one room/space with indivudual remote control.  Some of these systems offer WiFi for control from a smartphone/tablet.  Imagine coming back from the beach with the room already cooled.

Multi Splits



Where space is a premium a multi split is a great way to heat/cool more than one room.  In this deployment there is one compressor outside but it can serve multiple rooms.  Multi splits can be 2-1 (two indoor and one outdoor) or 3-1, 4-1 and even 5-1. There are some downsides to consider, for instance if something fails with the outdoor unit multiple rooms have no air conditioning until it is repaired.  The cost difference between a 2-1 multi and two single splits is minimal.

Ducted Split



Many apartments and even new builds today make use of ductwork in the ceilings to send the air in to the individual rooms through vents seen high up on the wall.  Here there is one compressor outside and one indoor unit (usually found in the false ceiling of a bathroom or utility room).   Whilst ducted systems negate the need for wall mounted units the air is blown in to every room unless you install a control system such as Airzone. Airzone allows for personalised control of room temperature using wireless thermostats and motorised vents that open and close to reach the desired temperature. See our Airzone page for more details.

Ducted systems can also be supplied as Multi Splits and we can also fit these with ceiling cassettes, often seen in offices and shops.

Quality AC Installation you can trust.


As of January 2018 a new Law was passed (Real Decreto 115/2017). This law deals with the handling of fluorinated gases used in Air Conditioning and  states that only authorised installers who have undergone training and accreditation by the Junta De Andalucia can sell, transport, install, service, repair or re-gas Air Conditioning.  Many  installers do not have any accreditation at all, and even F-Gas is now not recognised by Spanish authorities. A position which will worsen when the UK leaves the EU.

Here at AirAndWaterChoices SL our engineers are all accredited with the Junta de Andalusia in line with the Law.  Do not trust your installation with someone that is not.

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