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Enjoy your Swimming Pool all year round or extend the season.

Our Air Source Energy Efficient Pool Heaters ensure your pool is useable during those colder winter months.

Fitted from only €2,980

(inclusive of IVA and Installation on a standard 8x4m pool)


Pool Heaters

Designed to offer maximum energy efficiency and reduce running costs, these highly energy efficient heat pumps prolong your bathing season in all types of pools, including salt water, maintaining a comfortable temperature 12 months of the year.

Housed in an attractive design and compact size that simplifies and offers maximum flexibility in their installation.  80% of the energy needed to operate the system is derived from the FREE outside air making them the most efficient available.  They are not reliant on Sun, just warm air. In fact, the warmer the air the more efficient they become generating up tod 7Kw of heating power (output) for every 1Kw consumed.

Quality Manufacture



The heat exchangers are designed in spiral and made of titanium which is extremely resistant and suitable for environments with high possibilities of corrosion, ensuring optimal operation when the pool uses salt water or salt chlorination systems.

There are 10  models available with power ranging from 7 kW to 33 kW of heating power, which allow optimum adaptation to different pool sizes, from 13 to 140 cubic meters.

The most energy efficient Brands


Providing customer solutions that consume the minimum of electricity is always at the heart of what we do.   We have carefully selected the best, most reliable brands that offer the best efficiency possible.  For every 1kw consumed our “best in market” solutions can produce an impressive 7kw of heating power.  Couple that efficiency with warranty periods of up to 7 years and you can rest assured our solutions will not cost a fortune to run.

Remote Control



Imagine being able to turn on your Pool Heater before visiting your property.   Our ranges include the option of connection via WiFi, which allows you to manage the equipment easily from your mobile phone using an App compatible with Android and iOS. This application allows you to prepare the pool for the weekend or holiday and maximise energy savings by remotely tuning the desired temperature.

App features: define the desired water temperature, change the operating mode and the control logic, check the current water temperature, display the operating history, view the current and forecast weather, and define a time schedule if required.

Thermal pool covers



Whilst it is possible to heat a pool without a cover a larger Kw output system is needed which can increase energy bills.  We supply lightweight telescopic rollers which can be easily wheeled away in summer. The material is thermal and lightweight and sits on top of the water. We usually supply 400-600 micron covers which offer low levels of heat loss.

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