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An all in one solution for the modern energy conscious home.

Free warm air in and High Kw out.

Systems to feed domestic hot water, under floor heating, radiators and even water based air conditioning. 

How it works



Air to water heat pump technology is located outside your property and it draws ambient temperature freely available in the air to create greater heat to then produce hot water. In turn this hot water can be used to heat Domestic Hot Water, under-floor heating, pools and Jacuzzis.   Usually the systems have two parts  – indoor and outdoor but some larger output systems  only have outdoor.   Heat Pump technology offers a reliable and cost efficient solution when compared to electric boilers/heaters and gas because, for example, a system with a consumption of only 4kw/h can output 16kw.  To increase energy efficiency even further we can add Solar assistance and heavily insulated water deposit tanks ensuring the heat pump is only activated when truly necessary.  Collectively we can help you generate savings of up to 75% compared to conventional energy sources.

Daikin Altherma



The Altherma range from Daikin offer solutions from 4kw to 16kw output which are usually sufficient for most domestic scenarios.  Beyond 16kw the Daikin Enfriadoras range can produce up to 155kw for the most demanding needs such as large domestic or commercial property.  Contact us for a free consultation/survey.




With its compatibility, large capacity and compact size Samsung is the perfect solution to replace current heatpumps producing large output K. Its modular design can scale up to meet the largest of demands, cutting maintenance costs and reducing space at the same time. Contact us for more information and a free survey.

EFI Aquatherma



Designed and manufactured here in Spain, the EFI Aquatherma range is composed of a series of extremely energy efficient air to water heat pumps. High efficiency is achieved by producing a range of power from 6kw-20kw but with corresponding consumption of for the production of only 1.3Kw to 4Kw.  This solution can be scaled to deliver heating of sanitary water,  under-floor heating, low temperature radiators and fan coil units (wall mounted air conditioning units that use water to heat/cool as opposed to gas).

Also available in High Temperature.

Chromagen Solar



Chromagen is a leader in hot water projects world-wide, including domestic, multi-story apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, industrial plants, motor camps, sporting clubs, spas and more.

Chromagen’ products allow us to take a modular approach to design and build of solutions that are solar assisted.

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