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We supply and install energy efficient solutions that cool and heat your Air, water, floors, rooms and pool.

Air conditioning

We supply all major brands with a minimum energy rating of A+ but with all budgets in mind.  We guide you through the process of choosing the right power and type of Air Conditioning for your space and your budget.

Pool Heaters



If your pool is unusable for 6 months of the year due to the cold water we can help.  We provide heaters that are economical to buy and operate as they primarily use heat from the air outside to generate heat for the pool water. Options exist to control it from abroad via wifi and we supply pool covers too to keep as much heat in the pool as possible (although it is possible to run one without a cover).

Domestic Hot Water (DHW)



Replace your old electric or gas boiler with one of our “all in one” systems and cut your energy bill by up to 40%. These water systems consist of a water tank (various capacaties available) and a heat pump that uses warmth in the air outside to generate heat to in turn heat the water.

Total Home



We offer Large scale solutions that use air-source heat pumps to not only heat pools and domestic hot water but also radiators and under floor heating. An all in one energy efficient solution for new builds, reforms or even retro fit.


For every Kw consumed heat pumps deliver an impressive ratio of between 3-1 and 5-1.  So, 1kw consumed = on average 4kw output.  The best feature of air source is that, unlike Solar, it still generates heat on cloudy days and in the dark.  In fact it will still work with outside temperatures as low as -10°c.




It is typical in rental accomodation for Holiday makers to leave the Air Conditioning on while they leave the property, leaving you to pick up the bill!   Ecosense stops this abuse making it great for the environment and your wallet.  By detecting if anyone is not moving around in the room it will turn the AC off after a pre set time (normally 30 or 60 minutes).

What’s more if Windows and doors are fitted with wireless sensors that communicate with the Ecosense unit the AC will turn off after 3 minutes of the door/window being opened.  Click the photo to see more info and use our handy return on investment calculator.




Where ducted Air Conditioning is installed air is sent to all rooms and at the same temperature. By installing an Airzone thermostat and replacing your vents with Airzone motorised ones you can easily set individual personalised air temperature for each room. When rooms are empty the vents are closed so all air is directed to the one oom you want it. This room gets to temperature faster which also extends the life of your AC system.


Airzone can be controlled from an App on a smartphone or tablet for maximum convenience.




As of January 2018 a new Law was passed (Real Decreto 115/2017). This law deals with the handling of fluorinated gases used in Air Conditioning and  heat pumps states that only authorised installers who have undergone training and accreditation by the Junta De Andalusia can sell, transport, install, service, repair or re-gas such systems.  Many  installers do not have any accreditation at all, and even F-Gas is now not recognised by Spanish authorities. A position which will worsen when the UK leaves the EU.

Here at AirAndWaterChoices SL our engineers are all accredited with the Junta de Andalusia in line with the Law.  Do not trust your installation with someone that is not.

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