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Solutions that use heat from the air outside to create 55°c domestic water at a fraction of the cost of Electric boilers. 

Available in capacaties from 75L to 500L

How it works



Consider that heating Domestic Water is the 2nd largest consumer of Electricity in a typical house just behind space Heating and Cooling. In fact it accounts for around 25% of electrical cost. Aerothermia based Hot Water systems are an extremely energy efficient way to heat your Domestic Water used for showering and cooking. When compared to traditional water heaters, gas boilers and even Solar savings are as great as 70% of electrical consumption.

Alternative Solar systems rely on Sun and although Spain benefits from many sunny days, there are also prolonged periods of time where no there is none. In these situations an electrical element inside kicks consuming high levels of electricity – in which is just the same as having a traditional boiler.

Aerothermia is not reliant on Sun.  It takes heat from the air outside or inside your utility room.  Warm air is sucked in to the system from either inside or outside the property and heat is generated by an inner heat exchanger from the circulated air. Even with -10°c outside there is still enough heat in the air for the system to work well.

Our products are available in a range of litre capacities, free standing or wall hung, and with other options such as higher temperature and can be plumbed in parallel to meet the demands of the most water demanding buildings.

All our solutions deliver 55 degree hot water (or 65 degrees with our High Temperature range), all day and every day regardless of the weather and consume on average 500w of power compared to Electric Boilers that use around 1,800w-2,500w.

We also provide larger Aerothermia solutions that can also heat underfloor heating, radiators and water based air conditioning in addition to Domestic Hot Water. Please see total home for more details.

AQ Series



Manufactured in Cordoba, Spain the AQ series were one of the first products available on the market. A complete system comprising stainless steel water tank and Heat Pump for the production of DHW by using the ambient temperature to generate enough heat to heat water.  The tank does not have an electrical element inside so no calcium build up.  Compared to normal electric water heaters you can expect an energy saving of around 70%. The volume range available is from 75 to 500 litres which can be adapted to all kinds of installation. Installed from just €1,867 inclusive!

EAS Electric



These Aerothermia solutions from EAS offer optimum savings compared to traditional boilers. Available in 190L or two 300L models (one with solar coil for connection of solar panels for added energy savings, and one without).  A “Split” version is also available where the heatpump sits outside and the water tank is installed inside.  2 year warranty and 5 years on the compressor of the heatpump.  Installed from only only €2,190 inclusive!

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