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We get asked this question a lot !   With this blog we would like to try and break it down.

Firstly, there is a lot of factors involved in selecting the right system for your needs.  The main measurement and calculation is based on the size of the room you need to cool and heat. This determines the minimum size (measured in Kw) of system we install.   We then add in other factors such as the amount of furniture in the space, the number of windows with direct sunlight, height of ceiling and even how many people could be in the room.  For most 4 x 4 meter rooms such as Bedrooms a 2.5Kw usually suffices.

So, then we have the size in Kw (Kilowatt) of system you need.  The basic energy cost calculation is then as follows. This calculation is based on older Air Conditioning systems.

Step 1: Check the label or manual to find out the wattage
For example: Air Conditioning unit = 2500 watts or 2.5 kilowatts per hour(kWh)

Step 2: Check a recent energy bill to find out the cost per watt
Look for kWh (From Endesa in December 2016 1KW typically costs €0,16¢ after tax)

Step 3: Apply this formula
COST = kWh x 0,16¢

Step 4: So your cost is
Air Conditioning unit = 2.5kWh x 0,16 = 0,40¢

Air Conditioning Costs 0,40¢ an hour.

Typical Apartment:
1 x 2.5Kw Air Conditioning Unit
8 Hours per day
Total: €3,20 per day.

BUT...this calculation is reduced significantly (by as much as HALF!)  by the use of newer Smart Inverters.

Smart Inverter air conditioners are a combination of cutting-edge technology with exceptional performance characteristics. Prompt and powerful cooling and heating are achieved with minimum power consumption. As a result, your electric bills are nearly cut in half compared to other conventional and old Air Conditioning you may have had installed for over 5 years. only supply and fit at least A rated energy efficient systems and we can even install EcoSensors to the units if you rent your property.  The sensors cleverly shut off the air conditioning by detecting lack of movement and heat from people.  Please contact us for more details.