POSTED BY tghouri | Apr, 26, 2018 |

The simple answer is yes!

We all know that Electricity in Spain is expensive (at time of writing € .18c per watt inclusive of IVA) and it is impossible to obtain a full breakdown from your energy provider of what appliances used what percentage of that bill thus making it hard to decide what to stop using/upgrade to more efficient technology.  However, one percentage figure is accurate, and that is your traditional 1500w hot water electric boiler is responsible for around 50% of your monthly electricity bill, in fact, some experts have calculated it can be as high as 67%.

If we use an example of the average 200 litre traditional boiler supplying a family of four with all their hot water needs then based on a standard Endesa tariff you would be spending approximately €1.88 per day making a total cost of €56 per month.

By either retrofitting or installing a total replacement system from us using thermodynamics (that only use 550w) we can reduce your costs down to €18 per month giving you a saving of €38 per month!   Thats a 67.8% saving of electricity costs in euros related to your water heating costs.

Taken as a percentage over your entire electricity bill its a 35% saving.  This figure can increase to 40% where bigger tanks are deployed such as 500 litre or where your existing boiler is older than 10 years.

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