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Is your Air Conditioning ruining the look of your property? 

Inspired by the nature and architecture of Spain we supply easy to install universal covers that blend in to your environment. Lightweight, sturdy and installed in about 7 minutes.

Quality Manufacture

Manufactured to German high standards all our covers are made with 4mm Aluminium making them sturdy yet lightweight. The paint we use is resistant to sunlight and heat thus protecting your investment. There is no assembly required, simply open the box and unfold the hinged sides, drill 4 holes and you’re done.

The covers are designed to fit up to 24,000BTU/7kw outdoor units and up to 3-1 multi splits. They are also designed to accommodate the majority of pre-installed systems where tubes in to the outdoor unit come from various different angles. To help you determine a cover will fit please read our PRE CHECK information.

We supply three designs in three colour options as standard,  but for larger projects/orders we can supply any design and any colour.

The Classic



Inspired by traditional building materials used in buildings.  Plain yet attractive the classic follows the lines of most buildings helping the watching eye digest its relativity to the architecture.

The Harlequin



Inspired by the moroccan/moorish influences still visible in Spain. Many traditional buildings such as the Alcazaba in Malaga boast tiles and stone in these shapes.

The Jardin



The Jardin was designed to blend in to the stunning green gardens of communities and private houses. Hidden amongst palm trees and plants it is perfectly blended.

Weather Cover



Stop birds, wasps and salt air getting in to your outdoor AC system while you are not there for prolonged periods.  This poly cover is durable and a breeze to install. Simply place over the top and tie the cover using the built in tie ropes. It helps stop rust and protects your investment as it will extend its life. It is especially useful if you vacate your home for months of the year at a time. 90cm wide, 55cm high and 30cm deep. Usually suitable for outdoor units up to 12,000 BTU/3.5kw.

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